Featured Services

We provide many services other than Ultrasound. 


Message Therapy

We now offer massage services here at Tiny Toes Sono! Don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy our massage or spa services.



Belly casting

Embrace one of life’s greatest gifts with our Belly Casting Service. Relax and enjoy the experience as one of our medical staff members performs your belly cast in our comfortable, private and relaxing belly cast room. Belly casting is a great way to embrace the beauty of pregnancy and celebrate the journey of motherhood. Here, take a look at some of our past work!


Heartbeat Huggables

Thump thump thump – the first time hearing your baby’s heartbeat is unforgettable.

Commemorate that experience with one of our plush Heartbeat Huggables! This stuffed animal, exclusively sold at Tiny Toes Sono LLC, can record your baby’s heartbeat and play it back every time you squeeze its tummy.