About Our Belly Casts


The reason we offer belly casts...

Mothers spend nine months looking down at their belly. But nothing compares to being able to see the beauty of pregnancy from every angle. A belly cast is one of the most accurate and realistic representations of the mother’s belly in a 3-dimensional view. It preserves the miracle of bringing a new person into the world.

Why not embrace one of life’s greatest gifts with our Belly Casting Service? Relax and enjoy the experience as one of our medical staff members performs your belly cast in our comfortable, private and relaxing belly cast room. Belly casting is a great way to embrace the beauty of pregnancy and celebrate the journey of motherhood. Just starting at $55 and up!

Belly Casting is an experience to share with loved ones. At Tiny Toes Sono you are welcome to bring guest to share and assist in the belly casting experience. Once the Belly Cast is created, the solid white sculpture offers a blank canvas where you can have one of our professional artist paint a custom design. Many of the designs shown here run anywhere from $100 and up for a painted design!